Yellowstone NP is more unique than Glacier NP!


I have to admit, I'm more of a city slicker than a wilderness hiker, but everywhere you look at Yellowstone NP there is something in motion. It could be the geysers, fumaroles, bubbling mudpots or the wildlife such as bison, grizzlies, elk and others.

Glacier NP has beautiful vistas but Yellowstone NP has much more unusual geologic features. Mammoth Hot Springs looks like giant stone layers of a white wedding cake. The Yellowstone Canyon and the painted rock colors are out of this world! Old Faithful and other geysers pop up periodically out of the ground.

I didn't dare take even little hikes at Glacier since I was afraid of grizzlies appearing out of nowhere. I wouldn't trust bear spray since you never know in a panic, where the wind is coming from. The red jammer bus tours would have been nice, though I didn't take one. At Yellowstone, I was always near my vehicle or a building.

If you do go to Glacier NP, consider taking the Amtrak *Empire Builder* train from Seattle, Chicago or points in between. It stops right at East Glacier Lodge. For a few sections, such as Seattle to Havre, Montana, there are NPS guides who narrate the scenery in the observation car from May to mid September. I know, because I have been one of those guides!