When to Visit Death valley

When is the best time of year to visit Death Valley, in your opinion?

  • Definitely not in the summer. March/April/May or October would be better.
  • November thru March unless you like it hot. Flower viewings best late Feb thru April (weather pending) Dark sky amazing any time of year.
  • We visited Death Valley in late May one year and had some great walks around, although nothing extensive. Temps were in the 90's. Be sure to have a couple of gallons of water in the car each day, and always take a quart with you even if you only plan a short walk. The reason you feel fine in 90+ degree heat is that you're evaporating a lot of sweat.
  • I used to live near Death Valley and have visited many times. February and April are excellent. November through March would be the best times, any later than that and it is too easy to get dehydrated. Be aware that many rental car contracts do not cover your car in Death Valley - read it carefully if you are renting a car.
  • I went in Nov and the weather was perfect.
  • We just got back this week. Checked in to Furnace Creek Inn on March 30, 2017. I think it was the perfect time to go. The weather was warm but not hot. We did have a dust storm one afternoon which stopped our plans but I don't think you can predict those. No wildflowers this year...last year was a "superbloom", 2016. If you want to see Scotty's Castle, you should wait until 2019 at least as they say it will be closed until then for repairs s they had a flood some time back.