Santa Fe - Meow Wolf Art Complex , The House of Eternal Return

Just got program info re trip to Santa Fe and Taos. Have looked up The House of Eternal Return on Facebook. Am a little puzzled as to what it is exactly and why is included on the tour. Looks a little weird. Any comments from anyone who has been there?

  • We just completed Santa Fe trip. Meow Wolf included. Not my cup of tea. If grandkids were along I would have endured it, but we left and waited for group after 15minutes. It has nothing to do with Santa Fe as far as history or traditions and my suggestion for Road Scholar is to offer participants another option during this time. We did have some members who enjoyed the “experience” but most felt it a waste of time. Great for kids however. Here is link to video from our trip on YouTube if interested in what all we did. Great trip
  • I agree. Great if you have kids traveling with you; but ridiculous for a group all over 50 years old. Some of us just wanted to escape from the chaos.