Whitewater rafting on Salmon River in Idaho

Has anyone been on this trip?  When?  What were the good (and bad) aspects of the trip?  Were you able to take your own camping equipment or did you rent from Road Scholar?  Any comments if you rented? Would you recommend the trip?


Thanks so much!



  • I am considering signing on for the soon September trip. There are so many questions about the logistics, and particularly the transportation getting there and what to pack to comply. I would love to hear from you if you’ve signed up. I called RS tonight and approximately 12 are on this trip. Nancy
  • Nancy - I am on hold actually for this trip. I have been watching the fires in British Columbia and Alberta, as well as Washington and Montana. There are air quality issues due to smoke in the area. It changes daily. You can search this information for Calgary and Banff. I'll decide tomorrow if I will cancel...and lose my money. But I don't want to be in an area w the air compromised and have to spend the time inside. I have seen no communication from RS about this, surprisingly. Charlene
  • Thank you for reply. I was wondering about flying in. I would almost have to go the night before and stay after the night getting in, plus either fly Delta into Lewiston, or go SW to Boise, then fly Delta to Lewiston. Either way, expensive and long time in travel to site? The RS phone person was no help. She just read, arrival in Lewiston; evidently no notes on actual logistics????
  • Hi cfjohnston5020957, we are aware of the wildfires burning throughout parts of the western United States and Canada this summer, and have been closely monitoring the situation and reaching out to participants as their program approaches to let them know about the air quality concerns. Over the past several days, the situation has improved dramatically. Be assured we are prepared to make immediate changes either prior to departure or during the program as circumstances warrant. We will, of course, notify you immediately should the situation change or if more information becomes available regarding your program.
  • Nancy - I've been watching the fire activity and air quality too. It could change several times in the month before this trip starts. As for logistics, I'm flying into Calgary on( I think) United. I'll have to check soon anyway so if I'm wrong about this I'll let you know. I fly out of Vancouver also on United Oct 8. I'm departing from and returning to Portland, OR. I'm travelling solo and will be assigned a roommate, hopefully soon. You can get guidance about what average temps are in the various places we'll be staying by clicking on the trip on the RS website, then dates and prices. There's a link for weather.
  • Thanks for reply. Don’t know where you are coming from, but it is difficult to get there. Also, why would there be roommate assignments as everyone’s in a tent, and it says everyone brings their own or rents one? Interesting sounding trip; Have you any other trips planned after this as you travel solo and I’m interested in traveling solo and how that works out. Look forward to hearing from you. Nancy
  • I realized after I had replied that we were talking about completely different rips. I thought you were considering the Canadian Rockies train trip in Sept-Oct. Sorry for the confusion.
  • Nandon, did you make your Salmon River trip? Whitewater rafting is easily researched and the Salmon is a tremendously popular trip with many guide companies and independent outfitters posting tons of information. ONe of the reasons thousands of folks raft the Salmon every year is the exquisitely remote location. You’ll be on the river with lots of other folks, both in your party and ahead/behind you, but this is a wilderness experience. If you have never been on a rafting trip like this before, you want to know precisely what it’s like so watch lots of video clips, read a bunch of web sites. You must be prepared for wet and cold travel, all types of weather, wilderness camping, weird river guide cuisine, and doing stuff you’ve never thought you’d ever do.
    Getting to Lewiston is going to be its own little adventure. I’d recommend renting a car and driving from one of the larger airports but that’s just because Idaho and eastern Washington are worth seeing at a leisurely pace, if you have the time and are so inclined. ONly two hours from Spokane WA and 6 hours from Boise.

  • Actually if there are any questions about flying in to Lewiston ID, I'm happy to answer. It's my nearest airport so fly in/out all the time. Delta is the only airline that flies in now as Alaska had a tiff with the airport board and pulled out. I don't find it much of an adventure and I'd much rather fly there than in to Spokane. Moscow/Pullman is also a possibility but the Alaska flights in/out of there frequently run late and there are fog issues certain times of the year.