Meet participants for French Immersion UQTR 2018

I’ve participated in the French Immersion program at UQTR twice and am returning  May 20-June 8. Are there folks going at that time who would like to get acquainted on Line? Studying French is a  long time interest and I have traveled in France, most recently staying in Aix-en-Provence for a month with Smithsonian Journeys.

Amicalement, Joyce White

  • Joyce,
    I am enrolled in the July session (I was hoping for the May-June session - but I waited too late to join). I have a question about French levels. I am assured by Road Scholar that I will be tested and placed in appropriate level. I am completely fluent conversationally, but have never really studied grammar. Do you think the placement test will pick up my grammar weaknesses?
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    As I remember the written test is multiple choice and will cover grammar. We also had a conversation with one of the instructors. I found the instructors to be very knowledgeable and professional. The excursions were enjoyable and one of the reasons I have returned.
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    Merci pour la réponse, ce stage sera ma première depuis 1978!
  • I am a beginning learner (not counting a little in elementary and jr. high ) and am attempting to learn with Duolingo so I expect to be in the very beginning group and enjoy myself a lot in this May-June session. I have visited France and Quebec previously. Its the verbs that throw me.
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    I enjoy learning French and like the classes and variety of activities at UQTR. Duolingo is very good and I also do Rosetta Stone online. A text book from Barons “French Verb Tenses, Practice for Success” is quite good.

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    Bonjour à tous!  J'ai hâte de participer avec vous en mai.  (Ou, comme on dit chez nous en Cadien << avec vous-autres>>.  En 2016, j'ai participé à un cours d'immersion à Université de Ste. Anne, à Nouvelle Ècosse pour trois semaines.  Nous les Cadiens ont nos racines là... Et maintenant, j'ai envie de retourner à Canada. J'ai passé l'examen hier soir. Donc, je crois que je suis prêt d'aller. 

    Je suis chanceux que cette semaine, il y a Festival International de la Louisiane ici à Lafayette (le plus grand festival internationale de musique des États-Unis) et je peux pratiquer un peu avant de partir.  D'habitude il y a beaucoup touristes qui nous rendent visite qui parlent français.

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    Bonjour! I am participating in the May 20 French Immersion course. I live in the very small town of Gunnison, Colorado. Many, many years ago I took about 6 years of French in high school and college. But I just took the "placement" test and felt that I knew nothing. Yikes!
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         All will be well and I’m quite sure you will enjoy the program. The university will place you in the appropriate level class and you will be learning what you need to learn at that level. In addition, the staff is friendly, knowledgeable, and ready to help you. I have taken this Road Scholar program twice before in 2011 and 2014 and I’m looking forward to returning. I have taken French language programs in a number of places in France for a week or two but without the support and friendship offered by Road Scholar participants at UQTR.

        Some of my favorite things about this program are: the friendly and helpful staff, the comfortable apartment/dorm near the classroom building, Trois-Rivières with a variety of restaurants, the  extracurricular programs, especially the day in Montreal and Quebec City (Île d’Orleans), and the camaraderie of other Road Scholars. And this is Canada, home of friendly people and French and English translations on most,  if not all, information (museums, etc.)

       Before arriving at UQTR I’m doing a road trip to the Eastern Townships and will be taking a tour of places that inspired Louise Penny for her Three Pines/Chief Inspector Armand Gamache mystery novels (mentioned in the packet of Road Scholar information). Then, I’ll be doing a short Road Scholar program in Quebec City, “Inspiration at the Monastery: Wellness, Music and Art” that occurs right before the French Immersion program.

        Bon Voyage and see you in a few weeks!

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    Thank you, Joyce! What a nice email. I'll look forward to hearing about your Inspector Gamache-themed tour. I'm Louise Penny fan as well.
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    Last weekend I went to the annual Malice Domestic Conference for writers and readers of non-violent mysteries with Louise Penny as Guest of Honor. Louise won the « Agatha » award for her latest « Contemporary Mystery Novel » Glass Houses. Brenda Blethyn, the actress who plays Vera on the British mystery « Vera » was at the conference along with Anne Cleeves who wrote the Vera Stanhope mysteries and also the Shetland mysteries. It was quite a treat.
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    I think I am a little jealous of your Eastern Townships tour. I, too, am an enthusiastic fan of Louise Penny and just finished Glass Houses . In Quebec City last year went on a guided tour for "Bury Your Dead" to see all the places mentioned in that book. It was wonderful. Hoping to come to one of her book releases in Canada next year. Also like the Vera Stanhope mysteries. Beyond that I am a beginner in French so the plan is to learn, enjoy, interact and to laugh.
    What a pleasure to look forward to meeting fans of these mysteries as well as learning some French.
  • Hi Joyce,
    Just curious as to the number of levels and the number of students in each level. Since you’ve been there before could you tell us?

    My wife and I are attending this program for our first Road Scholar program ever. We live in northern Vermont three hours by car from Trois Rivières.

    Steve (and Deborah)
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    We should plan on getting the Louise Penny fans together during free time to chat. I mentioned to Louise that I was going to UQTR to study French. She might enjoy a photo of a gathering of her fans. Perhaps we can find a Bistro in Trois Rivières. Amicalement, Joyce White

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    Greetings Steve and Deborah,

           The number of students in classes depends on the testing. There will probably be 3 levels, Beginning, Intermediate, and Advanced. In my past experience at the Intermediate Level, which is quite broad, the class size was manageable, maybe 15 or so. Two roommates for the last program I attended were in the advanced class and one was in the beginning class. One of the Advanced roommates is returning and sharing the apartment/dorm.

        Road Scholar travel is wonderful. My first trip was to Nova Scotia and I have enjoyed quite a few since then. This year I’m returning to Nova Scotia with my partner, Ed, when we go to the Canadian Maritimes and Newfoundland in August. He doesn’t study French but knows and uses the terms for politeness and enjoys traveling in Quebec Provence.

        I look forward to meeting you soon at UQTR. Joyce White

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    Bonjour Kevin. J’ai été née à la Nouvelle Iberia et habites à la Nouvelle Orléans maintenant. On devait se rencontrer un jour pour parler français. Malheureusement je me suis inscrit dans le stage le mois de juillet. Je n’ai pas encore pris l’exam. C’était difficile ou pas?