Meet participants for French Immersion UQTR 2018

I’ve participated in the French Immersion program at UQTR twice and am returning  May 20-June 8. Are there folks going at that time who would like to get acquainted on Line? Studying French is a  long time interest and I have traveled in France, most recently staying in Aix-en-Provence for a month with Smithsonian Journeys.

Amicalement, Joyce White

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    Thank you for the author recommendation -I just downloaded an audio book « Still Life. »
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    Bonjour Janell! J'ai vu (dans la discussion "Cajun" je crois) que tu es 'cadienne! Alors, nous sommes voisins :)

    C'est un plaisir de faire ta connaissance. Absolument, il faut que nous nous rencontrions bientôt! D’après moi, tu n'auras pas de difficultés de passer l'examen avec succès! Quand j'ai visité l'Université de Ste. Anne en 2016 pour un cours d'immersion, ils m'ont mis dans le niveau parfait - ni trop facile ni trop difficile. Je crois que l'examen de UQTR vas te mettre au niveau parfait. Sinon, tu peut demander de changer, je crois.

    (Je suis sur facebook - regardes ma signature - si tu voudrais être amis là)
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    I have a question that I'm hoping someone can answer. In the information booklet, under the "required" list for the course, it says "French grammar" and "French/English dictionary." Does anyone know more about these? Is there a specific version that's required? I'm hoping to find something for Kindle so that I can travel light. Alternatively, can they purchased on campus?
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    Where did you see that? I did not know about it.
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    I had apps for my phone when I took an immersion course at Université Ste. Anne in 2016, but when I got to class was told that phones were not allowed. So I bought a dictionary at the bookstore. So I will bring that small paperback, and my red Becherelle conjugation book.
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    Thanks for the info. The "requirement" for the books was listed in the RS information packet under "Clothing and Packing Suggestions." It really was kind of buried. I did hear back from a University program person that the books could be purchased on campus.
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    Alors, je pars demain pour Montréal. Je vais rester là jusqu'à dimanche, quand je prendrai la navette avec vous-autres pour UQTR. J'ai hâte de faire vos connaissances! À plus.