French Immersion Program in Quebec

Is the French taught at this program Québécois French or the French generally spoken in France?  Thank you.

  • I have heard it is Québécois French
  • The French Immersion program is located at the University of Quebec in the French as a Foreign Language Departemt and is taught by well educated professors. There are some vocabulary differences between Quebec and France. The latter seems to have held onto some original terminology while France has sometimes more modern terms but this is just a minuscule portion of the language. Grammar stays the same. I have some French and have traveled and studied French in France. However, I am not fluent in the language and have not been bothered by accents or occasional vocabulary differences. Perhaps some people who are more knowledgeable will notice the accent, just as advanced learners of English will notice the difference between a southern vs. New England accent while relative newcomers don't hear any differences. Often the UQTR profs would tell us of some terms used in Quebec which enriches our learning experience.

    I would  encourage anyone interested in French speaking Canada to take this amazingly well thought out program. It has lots of built in excursions, including Montreal and Quebec City, and the price is very low. And, it's worth going just for the final dinner which is held at Chez Dany  Sugar Shack: a delicious traditional dinner with real maple syrup on the side, or on top of everything; live music and fun dancing; maple syrup on snow...a shop where you can buy more maple syrup...It's a great program even if you don't indulge in maple syrup.

    And, did I mention that the price is really amazing?

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    Joyce, I had a similar question, thanks for your complete response.
  • Not sure, since I haven't attended yet, but I did find this tremendous online resource for Québécois: