Tetons & Yellowstone trip 8/14-21

Anybody going on the Tetons/Yellowstone trip on August 14? My husband and I are from Dallas and just signed up kind of last minute for this trip. 

  • Not signed up for this trip but am a big Yellowstone fan! I go at least once every year if not twice. It will be chilly at night and in early AMs so make sure you have jackets and light gloves - probably difficult to imagine with Dallas' summer temps, lol!! Be prepared to layer - I usually start each day in a SS Tee, layered with a LS Dri-fit quarter zip shirt and either a jacket or puffy vest, then peel off as needed. I always take a waterPROOF (not water resistant) layer as well.

    I am headed to Costco today as I noted they have their puffy vests back in stock. They are $16.99 online and someone on another forum said they are $15.99 in the store. These are fiberfilled, not down. I got one a few years ago and started out with it on every day during my June trip to Yellowstone. These squish down small and are light to pack.

    BTW - no connection with Costco at all...just a satisfied customer.

    Have a great time!