does anyone have any feedback re San Antonio, Hill Country and Austin

This tour sounds very interesting, however, there are no recent reviews and/or feedback.  Anyone out there with any commentary?

  • We were on that trip last spring and we enjoyed it. The tour guides were very good as were the presenters. We learned a lot about Texas history and politics. We saw more of San Antonio than Austin but we enjoyed the LBJ Library.
  • I have the same concern. I want to go because I am very interested in LBJ. I have been so close, on many occasions, to confirming, however, the lack of many reviews concerns me.
  • The San Antonio Road Scholar programs are typically scheduled September to May. It gets very hot in this part of Texas during the summer, so these programs go on hiatus during that time. Several of the 10459 programs (San Antonio, Hill Country, and Austin) have been completed in the past few weeks, so you should start to see more current reviews showing up soon.