Andante Inn

Wondering if anyone has feedback on the Andante Inn in Sedona.  We would like to take this program in April but have read negative reviews on the Andante Inn.  This has made us hesitate on signing up for otherwise seems an exceptional program.

  • Looks like that hotel  hanged 

  • I really enjoyed the RS Arizona trip last March 2021 including my stay at the Andante Inn. The room was quiet and cozy and clean and had a lovely view. Maybe things have changed in the last year? The restaurant that shared a parking lot with the Inn was not great in my opinion. I just ordered off of the menu instead of eating the RS meal that was offered. In all fairness,  it's hard to prepare dinner for 24 people.  But they missed the mark by quite a bit....over cooked fish with lots of capers to cover that up.