Vacation in my own backyard . September 8 to 13, 2019

Moved to Arizona almost four years ago, but still haven’t seen Sedona, even though it’s only an hour and a half or so from home.  Looking forward to photographing and learning more and getting an overview for future trips up there.

Think I’ll use the free afternoon for a Pink Jeep tour.

Also, a good time to escape the 115 degree heat here in the west valley.  

Looking forward to meeting my fellow travelers.


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  • I got more information from our program leader, Ashley. She actually used to work for Pink Jeep. Although wonderful, the Antelope Canyon tour is all day (11 hours) with a total of six hours driving. She recommended the following options:

    1. Broken Arrow (2 hour - the most adventurous/exciting/popular tour, with spectacular scenery)
    2. Scenic Rim (offered in 1.5, 2, or 3 hour increments) -this one goes up a very bumpy old wagon trail, with views looking down on Sedona. The longer the tour, the higher your vantage point from the road
    3. Red Rock Range (2 hour, smooth dirt roads, scenery on the west side of Sedona)
    4. Hiking Tour (2.5 hour, multiple beautiful options for the hike, depends on what passengers want- this is a group decision that happens once you get on tour)

    Again, none of these tours will be repetitive in scenery to RS. The other tours I would not recommend as highly. But feel free to shoot me any follow up questions! And Pink Jeep can pick you up since it sounds like you'll be without a vehicle, ask to have them come get you when you book the tour. There is no additional fee for pickup. Depending on which tour you choose, will determine if you need a shuttle pickup or jeep pickup. Some of the tours are close to the Andante, and they can snag you on the way. Otherwise, you can take their shuttle to Uptown and hop on the jeep there.

    Austin, TX