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I checked TripAdvisor for the two motels: Andante Inn and Yavapai Lodge West. They got milkwarm reviews averaging 3.5. Has Road Scholar reviewed comments from people that have stayed at these places? Really unfavorable issues: bed bugs in couple reviews at Andante, both motels smell like covering up something with Pinesol and several mentions of rude customer service especially regarding cancellations for reasonable reasons. When on a planned tour, like this, patrons don't have luxury of leaving and going to another motel if serious issues. I was seriously considering this tour until I read the motel reviews. Road Scholar may wish  to rethink accommodations. 

  • I've not stayed at either (stayed at Bright Angel last time) but someone here was asking about the Yavapai West recently as well so I looked both it and the lodge on the North Rim up.  My go-to is trip advisor and I am "acquainted" with some of the Destination Experts for the AZ forum.  

    In August here are a couple of threads with some discussion of the Yavapai Lodge:  

    Recent experience at Yavapai Lodge East? - Grand Canyon National Park Forum - Tripadvisor    For this thread I have actually met the original poster - she traveled to Yellowstone last year and I met her while waiting at one of the geysers, lol.  I also "know" the poster PudgyGroundhog from posts on the Yellowstone forum.

    Hike - Grand Canyon National Park Forum - Tripadvisor 

    You can look thru the forum (the TA search doesn't always function well but you can try it or just read thru the threads.  You may have seen the TA reviews which range wildly from 5 to 1.  The one that puzzles me is the one about the dog kennel in the room.  I mean...if you checked into a room and there was a dog kennel in it why would you not just walk back to the desk and tell them and have them removed the kennel? And if someone has pet dander allergies the online information clearly states there are several pet friendly rooms, why would you not state on your reservation and again checking in that you have pet allergies. Complaints about bed linen also puzzle me.  If you walked into a room and it was not completely made up why would you not address that issue right then and there?  Oh well...

    YAVAPAI LODGE $115 ($̶1̶7̶5̶) - Updated 2021 Prices & Hotel Reviews - Grand Canyon National Park, AZ - Tripadvisor

    I do see a review from Nov 2019 suggesting bedbugs but did not find any others on a search.  TBH, this is park lodging and on a concessioner contract with the Park Service.  IF there was an issue with bedbugs they would lose that contract for poor performance.  The company that manages this lodge is Delaware North which has contracts in other National Parks for lodging and General Stores and also own hotels outside Yellowstone.  They know the rules and would not want any contracts cancelled.

    I'm not familiar with the Sedona lodging.  

    I will say that after having done 11 Road Scholar programs that I've never had substandard lodging.  I like that the lodging is generally as centrally located as they can get it.  For Grand Canyon, I'd want to be IN the park so you can walk to the rim in free time and not located miles away outside the park.

    This itinerary looks awesome!


  • I have stayed at Yavapai West in 2019 and it was fine.  It's NP lodging so not the Ritz Carlton but clean, close to park transportation, a nice restaurant with music at night.  NP lodging, unless you stay in the high end lodges, are rustic but I have never had a problem with them.

  • We  have the same concerns about the Andante Inn and are trying to get more information.

  • Looks like Sedona hotels have changed and one new one added.  Just checked.

    If you want to spend time and go into Sedona early may I suggest the Orchards Inn.  Call for reservations and ask for second floor balcony away from pool, they were very helpful.  Look at red rocks every morning and evening, walk to all uptown Sedona and awesome breakfast. Don’t let the parking lot toss you. Once in the room another world. Clean, updated and can’t beat the views. Note second floors are walkups but they will gladly help with luggage.  Spa in sister hotel below.

    FYI, At Yavapai West make sure to bring flashlight or head lamp.  NP's are part of the Dark Skies project and are not lighted well at night.