question on sedona/grand canyon train trip

We are interested in the late October/early November train trip between Sedona and the Grand Canyon. There is a difference of $200/person in price and we are wondering why. We have never been to this area of the country and are considering staying in Santa Fe, N.M. for a few days, then driving to Sedona to join the Road Scholar train trip. Is this do-able at this time of year? Thank you

  • Well, hopefully someone from the Road Scholar staff will be around to answer your question.  Meanwhile, I thought it might be because rates drop into off season rates but both those trips have the Grand Canyon portion in November and I looked at the Delaware North (concessioner for some Grand Canyon lodging) booking website and don't see a significant difference in prices ($180/night vs $178/night for a quick look).  Weather will be iffier on that last trip. Even with the late October trip you could see some snow in the upper elevation at the Grand Canyon. So...not entirely sure why it's less. 

    The drive from Santa Fe to Sedona would be pretty straight-forward.  Its' a bit over 400 miles mostly all on Interstate.  The only pause I would have is that there could be a slight chance of encountering wintry weather.  You'd know ahead of time because you'd be watching the weather so if a Winter Storm Warning was forecast you could perhaps take off for Sedona a day early.  I'd certainly want to get to Sedona the day before your tour starts anyway.

    This is a wonderful part of the country!


  • thanks so much for your help!

  • If you decide to go to Sedona a few days early I suggest you check out Orchards Inn.  It's in Sedona and walkable to many shops and restaurants, has wonderful breakfast.  I called and asked for a second floor room, with balcony, looking out on the most beautiful vistas in Sedona.  Note: Second floors are walk ups.  I had room 313, not near pool.  Don't be fooled by the front of the hotel, a parking lot, the beauty of this hotel is in the back.