Weather Feb. 22-28 in Sedona/Grand Canyon

Thinking about going on this trip in mid/late February and wondering about weather and recommended clothing.  I’m aware the average high/low temp is 64/36 for Sedona and 46/20 for the Grand Canyon. Any recommendations would be appreciated.

Thanks.... Barb

  • As always, dress in layers. Most likely, it's going to be dry, but having a light jacket will allow you to throw something on if there's any rain/wind/fog, etc. Wear a t-shirt, but have a long-sleeved shirt light sweater with you, and then a light jacket to throw over that. If you're walking, you'll get warm, and then if it gets cool at night or in the shade, just adjust the layers.

    Grand Canyon will be colder and wetter than Sedona because of the altitude. I was there in March and was glad I had my hat, gloves, scarf, sweater, and jacket for sunrise. But it warmed up fast, and soon I was back to a t-shirt. (I'm from Wisconsin, so I would have had sweaters and jackets things to travel in March anyway.)

    It's a great time to go, and if you see a little morning snow at Grand Canyon, consider yourself lucky. So much better when there are fewer people!