I would like more information regarding menus on this trip. I digest less flavorful foods better than spicy. Are there some non spicey  selections available in the dinners?

  • Hello gailweesner012331,
    Thank you for your inquiry. We are glad you have chosen to join us on this adventure! We would recommend that you select the foods for yourself that you are most comfortable with eating from the buffets offered on this adventure.

    You can also speak with your group leader about your dietary preferences so they can point you in the right direction when looking to make your meal choices. Also if the group goes to a restaurant or you choose to go to one on your own when there are opportunities feel free to speak to the waiter about your choice to go with a less spicy option.

    We will look forward to seeing you on this trip in the summer!

    All the best,
    Your Friends at Road Scholar
  • I like buffets but often it is difficult to know by looking at the food. I guess a group leader would frequently be familiar with the food so I will try to ask more often.
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