Wales 6/9=19 2020

This will be my first trip and would love to meet others on this trip.

  • I'm not on your trip but this program was one of my first RS International ones. It was fabulous. Really, really awesome. I learned so much! Loved Betws-y-Coed - what a cute (and interesting) place to stay. The program has changed a little since I took it as you stay somewhere different in Pembrokeshire. I loved everything we saw.

    I am not a "mine tour" person but really that Great Orme mine is something else and you are not underground for very long.

    Quite interesting! When you get to Betws, walk from the hotel (same one I stayed at) over to the local church which is kind of next door and take a look at their public bulletin board outside. Our group noted a performance of a local men's choir one night so we all went. That was wonderful - I think it was about 5£ to some kind of church charity or something. Mostly all locals in the congregation so a real personal experience!

    Are you planning any extra time in London before or after?