Interested in safety concerns

Can anyone who has taken this trip in 2017 comment on safety.  Appreciate any information on security concerns given the historic unrest in the area.  How is security provided? Thanks.

  • Numerous reviews state they felt completely safe.
  • Can't confirm this for Road Scholar tour, but my doctor went with a different tour group to Egypt in the last year and said they were accompanied by an armed security officer and police escort when travelling by bus. He said he believed it was a government requirement for tour groups.
  • I went with Road Scholar in February 2017. Wonderful trip. Don’t miss it. The Egyptian government and people want tourists to feel safe. Armed security guard on bus all the time and also a police escort most of the time. Security guards at all antiquities, museums, etc. There are crazy people everywhere but I felt safer in Egypt than New York City.
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    professionally dressed armed guard accompanies you on the trip ( weapon concealed) police escorts through major cities. Lots of bag checks and metal detectors. They are concerned for the safety of tourists .