Egyptian Museum and Grand Egyptian Museum (GEM)

Hello, I will be traveling in April and staying at the Steigenberger Pyramids Cairo Hotel. I know we will be visiting the Egyptian Museum on Tahrir Square (?). Is there time to visit the GEM. Hotel information says it is located across the street from the hotel. Is this true? It sounds like it may be open by April and the King Tutankhamen exhibit will be moved from the Egyptian Museum to the GEM. Just wondering. Really excited about this trip and the adventures to be experienced.

  • I was on a RS program in Cairo in mid-October this year and we stayed at the Steigenberger Hotel (it is very nice, and my room and balcony had an outstanding view of the Pyramids). The GEM is not that far-away, but not really walkable. Based on the on-going construction at the GEM (lots of activity, but a lot more to do), I am very doubtful (just my view) that the GEM will be open by April. GEM is supposedly offering some very limited (and very pricey) tours of a small part of the facility currently, but it is mostly just a construction site. Given the numerous delays that this project has incurred, I'm thinking the opening will not occur until either the end of 2020 (or perhaps more likely 2021). I would like to hear your views after your April RS trip as I have another RS trip to Egypt scheduled at the end of 2020.

    During our visit to the Egyptian Museum in October, the main exhibits (King Tut, the mummies, etc.) were still in place, but there were some others being crated for moving and others already in storage. The Egyptian Museum is a wonderful experience, crammed with artifacts. Stunning, but a little confusing of a lay-out and no air-conditioning (at least, on the day we visited).

    Have a great time in Egypt. It is fascinating, chaotic and wonderful.