3/3/19 Free time?

Is there much free time  in Egypt or independent dinners? I’m taking the March 3, 2019 trip as a single, hoping to make friends if there is lots of free time. This trip can’t accommodate more than 2 single cabins on the Nile  cruise but of course there may be folks signed up to have roommates assigned to them. So, “Hi!” other single travelers. This is my 11th RS Trip. Looking forward to it. Coming from Eureka, CA.

  • There is almost no free time. On my trip there were several travelers (mostly women) travelling alone - most did have roomates. Was a really nice & friendly group. The only night for dinner on our own was in Cairo, but a talk was also scheduled. A few of us went out to art galleries anyway. Great trip, but very full schedule!
  • I agree, not much free time but enough that I bonded with four other singles. We had a great time together. Explored the strand near hotel in Alexandria, found a cute shopping mall in Luxor. Spent most of our time at abu simble exploring together.
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