Cairo-Pyramids Hotel

I have just read some very negative comments about this hotel on TripAdvisor , not one I would choose if I were traveling independentally. Any comments?

  • Hi neilnmarty061050, before deciding to use a hotel for a program, we take reviews such as the one you saw into consideration. We visit the hotels to see if the online review is legitimate and if the hotel is up to Road Scholar expectations. We have used this hotel on previous programs and based on feedback from participants, it was well received. We have strict quality standards when selecting lodgings for our programs, and we want to make sure they are clean, comfortable and suitable for our participants.

    -Your Friends at Road Scholar
  • We just returned from a RS trip (10 days ago) and our group did stay at the Cairo-Pyramids hotel. However, the property had just opened a new 'wing' of this hotel which is also called the Steigenberger Cairo Pyramids Hotel. It is on the same property as the Cairo-Pyramids, but is much nicer. Also, our meals were served in a newly renovated restaurant in the Steigenberger. We had no complaints, the room was beautiful with a view of the pyramids, and meals were very nice. The staff was great.