My First Road Scholar Trip-Airfare and Payments-Excited but Nervous

I am getting a little nervous about making my airfare reservations for my trip in May 2018. The terms and conditions say to wait for

the packet 8-10 weeks prior to the trip before making airfare arrangements. That seems a little late to me and I am not a last minute person. Also, I don't know

who is scheduled on my trip and even if there will be enough participants to keep the trip as scheduled for May 2018. If anyone has any suggestions

from past experience on when to make airfare arrangements it would be much appreciated. I know this trip is categorized as Most

Popular and I am really looking forward to going but I am worried if there are not enough participants and the trip is cancelled I will have 

to adjust my vacation time from work in order to transfer to another scheduled date for this program or even another program. I would also feel so much

more comfortable in making my payments if I knew the trip had enough participants and the likelihood of trip cancellation was very low.

All suggestions and helpful information is welcome. Thank you. Dawn

  • I know what you mean - I don't like to wait too long to book flights, especially these days when most flights are full. One thing I'm starting to do is call RS and ask (actually I used the chat feature which is very convenient). I just did that for my upcoming Nashville trip (April 8) and the RS person said the trip is definitely a go and I could book flights.

    That said, I'm trying not to book flights too far in advance because I have had programs cancelled for low enrollment.

    Congrats on signing up for your first RS trip. I've done ten trips and RS is the best! I predict you'll have a great time.
  • I received an email that said I should wait until 3/7/18 to book my flights which is when my last payment is due. I asked about whether there were sufficient members enrolled to avoid cancellation but they did not respond to this question. I guess this means they are not sure there are sufficient people enrolled yet to make this trip a go yet which is the San Juan Island hopping. I am enrolled for May 2018. Have you been on this trip? I will try the chat like you suggested and in the meantime hope for the best so I will complete my paperwork and make my payment. thanks again.
  • Yes, it sounds as if they're waiting to see if more people enroll. In my experience, if they're going to cancel a program, they tell you 2 or 3 weeks before the final payment date. Although, I do remember reading a post on this board from someone who found out much closer to the final deadline that their program was cancelled. If I were you, I'd contact them again mid-February.

    I haven't done that trip but I want to. I've heard the San Juan Islands are beautiful.

  • Thanks Carol. I went on the chat yesterday and they said May was good and not to plan on cancellations at this time but to wait to make airfare until after final payment date. They also suggested I check in for more information. Hope your trip to Nashville is great. I went there several years ago for a company conference and it was nice.
  • Hi are you talking about he May 2018 San Juan Islands Hiking Trip. My husband and I are going to be on that trip.
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