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Would love to hear from anyone who has taken this trip. This has been a "bucket list" item for me my whole life. There are no forums on it yet. If anyone has any insight, advice or experience of this trip, I would love to hear about anything you have to say. We are going in September. Thanks in advance

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    Shorts are fine. Check the weather before you go.
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    We only had 4 on my trip, so I can't give much help. I had a rolling duffle, my husband had a duffle and the other 2 had soft-sided suitcases. The planes we were on were all full, but I didn't see anyone weighing bags. However, I'd try to stick to the limit. The porters carried 2 or 3 of our bags at once! I wish I'd gotten a bag one size larger to carry souvenirs back with me.
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    I'd give Road Scholar higher than an A+. No other tour that we saw had a driver plus a guide! We had excellent hotels and food. Consideration was given to everything - I had gluten-free pancakes in the middle of the Serengetti ! I'm happy to answer any questions.
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    Disregard all the info about taking neutral colored clothes. The animals are color-blind for the most part and they pay no attention to you anyway. Take clothes that are comfortable. Don't take too many clothes. When you stay at a hotel for 2 nights, you can get your clothes washed for about $1 per piece or less. Sit back and relax - your guide will take care of everything!
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    I thought I answered this somewhere, but don't see it, so here it is again. Aplogies if you've already read this. Going to the bathroom was one of my biggest concerns, but it turned out not to be a problem. Except in 3 or 4 cases, there were stopping places along the way. Sometimes someone would ask for a bathroom stop ("marking our territory" or "checking the tires" were our code words), and we would all pile out and go to bushes that had been checked or a couple went behind the vehicle and then another couple went. Maybe because there were only 4 of us, but no one seemed shy or self-consious. Maybe its because we were all over 60! In most of those cases, we would be back at the hotel in less than an hour, but no one opted to wait for that long.

    Several of the bathrooms were ceramic holes in the floor. My first thought was who stole the toilet bowl. It was a surprise, but the bathrooms were always clean.
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    Shorts and short sleeves are fine You will probably need long sleeves at night. You are at altitudes of 5000 feet plus. I went in March and used the long sleeved shirts and fleece that I took. Bring clothes that are comfortable. You will be sitting in the safari vehicles for long periods of time. Forget what they say about wearing khaki and colors like that. The animals are mostly colorblind and are totally blind to you when you are in the vehicles. Feel free to contact me at
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    How did you arrange the hotel when you arrive one day early? Did you find out which hotel then book it so you don't have to move hotel? Thanks for the suggestion. I would not have thought of it
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    I looked up which hotel road scholar was staying in and booked with them on line. When you go online you will find contact information and I emailed them with my questions. They responded within 24 hours. Once I made my reservation I emailed back and told them my reservation number and explained that we were with the road scholar group so we would be booked into a room that we could stay in. I also notified them that we wanted the shuttle pick up at the airport and what flight we would be arriving on. Once you go through customs and pick up your luggage you leave the building. The driver was waiting outside with a sign with our name on it. There are many, many drivers, so it was a bit daunting when we left the building, but our drivers sign was 4 x larger than all the other drivers so it was easy to spot once we stopped and looked. The hotel has lots of security and you will feel very safe there. Hope this helps. It was much easier than you imagine and we were so glad to have a day to relax.
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    Thank you for the information. Greatly appreciate you taking the time to explain
  • Will we have a chance to visit the Karen Blixin Museum?
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    Hello inamaynard, the Eka Hotel where you are staying for several days on your program is a 20 minute drive from the Karen Blixen Museum. If you would like to visit you would need to do so during your free time, however, as this is not planned as part of the itinerary. We recommend speaking with the group leader upon arrival who can direct you further regarding your options. Best, Rachel
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    We will also be on the September 10th trip.
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    We are also booked on the September 10th trip. As we get closer to the departure time we can maybe exchange flights etc. We are booked through RS San Francisco to Amsterdam to Nairobi on KLM. Welcome to RS. We have 25 programs and enjoyed them all.
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    Suggestion for your flight: I also flew KLM through Amsterdam. It is very expensive to upgrade flying to Europe but not terrible from Amsterdam to Nairobi. It was well worth the extra money for the second leg of the flight. We were so glad we did. We also did a stop over in Amsterdam for a few days on the flight back. That only added about $25 to our ticket and it was a great country to relax and break up the travel in. This is an easy change if interested.