Dress Code for Meals

What is dress code for bfast, lunch, and dinner?

  • I'm not on this program but in my experience you often go from the day's activities to dinner without going back to the hotel. I've done 11 RS programs and I don't recall anyone wearing anything different for a farewell meal. I, personally, have horrible feet so on my Europe trips I wear athletic shoes for everything - I can walk long distance in them and want to keep my feet in good shape so I can enjoy the activities!

    I was curious so I took a look at your itinerary.

    All the breakfasts are in your hotel so you'll go down and eat between the times your hotel serves breakfast based on what time your leader posts your departure time for your daily activities. From the hotel website it looks like they start service at 7. I have an early stomach so I am always on the early end of breakfast. After a day or so you'll see which of your tourmates like to eat at the same time you do!

    On the days you have cooking lessons it looks like you'll cook at the school and then eat your results, lol! Yum! So....you'll wear whatever comfortable clothes you wore to walk to the school and that you cooked in both for lunch and dinner meals.

    Lucca is such a neat little town - I've stayed there with another tour company and your hotel is in the city center within the medieval walls which are fun to walk on. Lucca is also very casual as they have many tourists so you'll want to wear what is comfortable to tour in!

    IF you are there at the right time there are Puccini operas performed as he was a Luccese. I'm not particularly an opera fan but if you are I'd look around and see if there is anything offered on your free evenings. Lucca is very walkable and inside the walls I'd feel completely safe walking back to my hotel after a performance.

    This looks like a fun program!

  • Pam, you need to join this program!
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