Are there still mosquitos out in November? How late will we be outside? Bfast, lunch, dinner. Is there a specific time when we will dine? Is dinner at 8 pm?

  • I've not done this program but I have done a number of RS International programs. According to the itinerary you've got some cooking classes in the afternoon followed by dinner eating what you've cooked so that will not be at 8P.

    In my experience (France, England and Wales) I've never eaten that late (8PM) on a RS tour. Often when there is a group the restaurant will want to serve them and get them out of the way before their regular dinner service starts. It looks like you've got 3 dinners on your own which is good. There are some really good restaurants in Lucca and it will be fun for you to try some of them.

    Every day your leader will post an itinerary in the hotel lobby or maybe near the elevator. They will list the times you need to know to meet up and if it's not dinner following the cooking class, will let you know what time to meet to walk to the restaurant.

    Don't know about mosquitoes - I've only ever been bothered by them in Venice and that was September. I've been to Lucca in October and was not bothered by mosquitoes either early AM walking the wall with all the other Luccese or in the evening at dinner. I am a mosquito magnet so usually will be targeted if they are within 50 miles, lol.

  • Thank you for your input Pam! Very informative!!! If it's a warmer evening and the litter critters are around, they will find me. Will bring a little repellant just in case. I love walking about in the evenings and we will have free time!