Alcoholic beverages

Is wine included with dinner?

  • I've not done this tour but in general on the RS tours I've done in England and France (6 total programs) wine is not included with meals. There have been exceptions. Wine was served a couple of times on the Brittany and Normandy program and on my recent Provence: The Art of Living, wine was served at every group meal.

    You always have the option of purchasing your own wine with meals. On the Provence tour a number of participants opted to purchase bottles of wine after they finished the complimentary glass.

    This looks like a very good itinerary!

    (Although I notice a glaring error under the information on the Kensington Palace day - They say it is the residence of the Duke and Duchess of Cornwall. That's Prince Charles and Camilla and they actually live at Clarence House. William and Kate, Duke and Duchess of Cambridge live at Kensington Palace. It also says Harry lives there but as you might know they have moved to Windsor.)

    ~Pam (who has finished nit-picking for the day!)
  • Hello, there is no wine included with dinner on this program. We hope to see you on this or another learning adventure very soon! Best, Rachel