luggage transfer

What is the plan for the transfer of luggage from London to Paris?

  • Hello, you will be taking the Eurostar train from London to Paris in the middle of your program. Upon arrival to Paris, our luggage will be transported from the station to our hotel ready for check-in while we explore Île de la Cité. We hope you have a wonderful time on this adventure! Best, Rachel
  • What about the the luggage transfer from the London hotel to St Pancras, the Eurostar train station and then on to the train? Will participants need to be able to manage their luggage onto the train, stow it and then get it off at Gare du Nord in Paris and then thru the station to the coach?

    I mention this because on some trips I've been shocked at the huge suitcases some people bring.  I travel independently before and after my programs and in Europe usually take a train to the starting point so I've had to manage my own bag.  I pack lightly for this reason but if someone doesn't know they will need to lift a bag up 3 steps to get on a train then they might not pack for that.