Bonaventure Cemetery Tour

Hi Kathleen Stokes from March 15 to 22, 2020 group.  Anyone interested in joining on a tour of Bonaventure on our free afternoon, March 20th?  Thanks!

  • I think I answered this but I don't see it in replies. I might be interested in the tour, but I haven't checked out everything to do yet. Keep in touch.
  • Hi Sally! Somehow, your reply did not show up in my email, as I had understood that it would. Anyway, glad to hear that you have some interest in that. I haven't signed up for a specific tour yet, but there are a couple on line. I will hold off a little bit longer. It is nice to have contact with someone who is in our group, anyway. I find myself at this point in my life to be solo and am just starting to travel, so Road Scholar is a great asset to aid in exploring the world without so much pressure in a solo situation. I hope to hear from you again before we leave! Kathleen
  • Hi, Just came back from walking with a friend and she says that the cemetary is a must see. So I guess you can count me in
  • Hello fellow RS travelers. I have been to Bonaventure and it is a DO NOT MISS. It is a step back to a more gentile time. We did not do a tour, we went on our own. It was so peaceful. We met a family and they told us every year they get together and visit the grave. It's a very respectful family reunion. They said we should not lean on a stone and to be respectful of the people who have passed. I like getting the prespective of people, who have people buried there. This is the Historical Society site

  • Great! I had not checked here in a bit and I just found your latest reply. I will check more into the tours and then let you know what I find out. My first investigation led me to believe that they are about $25 and leave from the cemetery entrance which is maybe about 3 or more miles from the hotel, so add bus or taxi to that. I will also look to see if it is really necessary to sign up in advance. More later! Kathleen
  • I am SO sorry to report that I have had to postpone this trip until October. It is not the virus epidemic, but a foot injury that will prevent me from keeping up. So I will NOT be going to Bonaventure at this time.