Anyone else going to Aix-en-Provence in Feb 2018?

This will be my first RS program and I chose this one in Provence.  Anxious to freshen up on my French language skills (or lack thereof) and learn a little French cooking as well.  It would be nice to get to know some of the other participants on this trip and where they are from.

I'm a single lady living outside of Phoenix AZ.  I love to travel and hope to take advantage of the weekends to see some of the places in France that I haven't been to yet.

Hope to hear from my other classmates.


  • HI Lanie,

        You have made a great choice in going on your first RS program...the first of many, I’m sure! I started 16 years ago, have been on a variety of over 20 programs, and have a Wish List of 50!

        I went on a similar program to Aix last spring with a different company. It was a terrific experience but I plan on returning to Aix with Road Scholar. I like the fact that it stays longer in Aix. The Adagio is a very nice modern hotel with a terrific staff. It is a block from a grocery store (be sure to bring your own bags or buy the inexpensive bags at the check out counter). You can walk everywhere easily and there are markets scattered all over at various times of the week where you can buy flowers, clothes, veggies, sausages, and more. The Tourist Bureau is fantastic and an easy walk from the hotel. Some people rented cars and took drives on off days. Others of us preferred getting a tour in a van through the Tourist Bureau. There need to be at least 2 people taking the tour for it to go. I did half day tours to see the Lavendar Fields (in June) and Cassis with an added boat ride to the Calanques, inlets from the Mediterranean with rocky cliffs. One time a group of us hired a large taxi to take us to a modern winery which also had an outdoor cafe for lunch. Once you are there many opportunities will arise.

      FYI When you want to continue learning French try the RS “French Immersion: A Key to the Francophone World”. I’m returning for the third time.

    Bon Voyage!

  • Hi Joyce,
    Your French Immersion trip sounds great too! Maybe next year for me. Thanks for the info on Aix and side trips. good to know. Enjoy your trip and I'll do the same and maybe we can compare notes. Take Care! Lanie
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