Independent Provence February 2019

I am a solo traveler and have signed up for this trip.  I have also signed up for the language lessons.  It would be nice to connect with others on this adventure prior to arriving in Aix.

  • Bonjour Cathy,

        I just wanted to connect with you and wish you well in your upcoming trip to Aix. I went to Aix for a similar program with a different company 2 years ago and would like to return. I’m considering the fall 2019 Road Scholar program and would be interested in hearing about your experience.

       Aix is a marvelous city and the Adagio hotel is the perfect place to stay: friendly helpful staff, comfortable, laundry facilities, easy walking to everything you will need. There are wonderful markets along the streets and in the squares nearly every day. One of the things I found helpful was the nearby Tourism Bureau. When we had free days I sometimes scheduled extra tours through the Tourism Bureau. I was able to do a visit to the Lavendar fields which were in full bloom early that summer. I also visited Cassis on a Tourism Bureau small van. Two others from my travel group went (the Bureau needs at least 2 people to run a tour). We asked our driver/guide to add a boat trip from the harbor to visit the Calanques. He took care of getting the tickets and we enjoyed a gorgeous boat trip along the Mediterranean coast to visit 3 of the Calanques/inlets. Once a group of us asked our Group Leader about visiting a winery. She arranged for a large taxi to take a group of us to a winery where we had a tour and lunch outside on a beautiful patio. Since you will be in Aix for 6 weeks (I was there for 4) you will undoubtedly have many wonderful adventures.

       Will you be taking the French classes? Classes at Aliance Francais were offered and I took the language tract that sounds similar to what is being offered by Road Scholar. I was in the Intermediate class along with 4 others from my program. The morning classes helped to structure my day and offered more comraderie with my fellow travelers. I also enjoyed culinary classes where we ate what we made, along with delicious Provençal wine.

         Wishing you all the best in your upcoming adventure in Aix-En-Provence.

    Joyce White

  • Joyce, thank you so much for all this wonderful information. I am looking forward to this trip and like you, planning on arranging tours and day trips on the weekends. I am so glad to kniw about the Tourism Bureau! If you gave any suggestions for tours or other experiences, I would love to have them.

    I am signing up for both language and culinary tracks. I am even considering staying a week beyond the program and have some friends come over and take advantage of my being there.
  • I am considering Provence independent study in October 2019, selecting the culinary tract. Most of the reviews have been for the language tract. Any feedback from someone taking culinary tract?