But going to the sun road won’t be open to Logan pass before June 21 this year and June 22 next year to motor vehicles. I don’t know how this affects our trip or if the trip is even possible with that type of construction. I’d really appreciate anyone else’s comment including  comments from Road scholar. My information is from the hungry horse news.

  • Hello lseyburn, my apologies for the late response. We heard from our program provider that should the Pass not be accessible, we would access the GTTS Road as far in as it is open on the west side, and then travel to St. Mary via Highway 2 along Glacier’s southern border. While at St. Mary, the group would access the east side of the GTTS Road as far in as it is open on the other side. Should it open later in the program, we would access it at that time. This is our standard protocol for all our programs that access that road, as weather can close the road to Logan Pass at any time of year. We hope you enjoy your upcoming birding program in Glacier National Park! Best, Rachel