Scotland's Highlands:A Stay at the Aigas Field Center

Midges???? I've been wanting to go on this trip but am worried about the midges. It seems odd that no one has mentioned them. Were they there?

  • Hello deeroe, thanks for reaching out. Depending on what time of year you visit Scotland the situation with the midges might vary. We recommend bringing insect repellent such as the brand Repel and spray it on before heading outdoors. It has a high concentration of DEET in it (98%) and should keep those pesky midges away. We are available if you have any further questions or want to enroll in this exciting program! Best, Rachel
  • What are midges? Are they like Mosquitoes ? What time of year do they come out? Is it a reaction to weather conditions in the area?

  • Hello!

    We're thrilled you're interested in this program to Scotland!

    Midges are a small two-winged fly that is often seen in swarms near water or marshy areas where it breeds. Learn more here:

    If you have questions or concerns please give us a call at the number listed on our website (877-426-8056) and any advisor will be happy to assist you!

    Melissa W.

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