Who is out there?

I am signed up for this trip June 6th to July 19th.  Any of my fellow travelers on this site yet?  Pam

  • I am on the September 12th one. Will be interested to hear from you when you have completed your trip!
  • I'm also signed up for September 12th. Getting very excited!
  • Sounds like the September group is getting a jump on things! We are going on September 12 also and are already testing out our shoes for the trip as well as layered clothing that will be light to pack yet provide double-duty for warm days, cool nights and frequent showers. Now I just need to figure out how to post this message.
  • Hi September 12th Cuenca people. I got an email that the discussion group was open now but I don't see any new postings. Both nervous and excited about living in Ecuador for 6 weeks. Never studied Spanish formally but I am working on Duolingo and other free websites. What background do other people have?? My husband will be staying home for this one so I will be traveling alone.
  • Hi, mdavis! Wow- I've been worried that only three couples or singles of us were going because no one has posted since I added my two cents in January. I, too, have never studied Spanish but also have been religiously pursuing my goals and health on Duolingo. I’ve been reading all I can about life in Cuenca on the web. We’ve been updating our travel items, trying to see how to fit everything in a backpack and small suitcase, and checking out our shoes in order to be prepared for walking, rain, hiking, and wet landings. Both my husband and I are going and we look forward to participating in all activities with everyone. I’m so excited and looking forward to this adventure! There will be so much to see and do! We are hoping to see some reviews and tips from the first group that recently returned from their Cuenca trip.
  • I was on a wait list at first so the trip is fully booked although I don't know how many people that means. My husband and I were on a RS Galapagos trip last year and it was amazing. I never thought I would get to visit again! I used some Keen water shoes for the few "wet" landings but the landings were never more than ankle deep so never a problem. We were also on a birding tour with another company...Ecuador is a beautiful country and I am thrilled to go back and hopefully learn to speak and understand some Spanish. I love to hike and see exotic birds and animals. I am a potter so I am also interested in the native arts and crafts. Cuenta is supposed to be a very rich area for all of these things.
  • Is everyone who responded on here going on the September 12th trip? No one on the June 6th trip?
  • I am having a bit of difficulty with the format of the discussion group. It does not seem to display in the same way each time or maybe it is just me. My name is Marianne--not sure where they get the numbers on the end of our usernames--do they mean something? 

    pam.kotler your trip is coming up soon so I do hope you have a wonderful time and post some tips for those of us who will be going in September.

    I just got my flight details from Holbrook, so making it feel like it is getting closer. Two layovers each way which are two too many, but if I look at flights on my own the itinerary is no better.

    I feel like I will be behind caromar and mdavis as I am making no effort to start learning Spanish before I go. I did take it in high school but that was about 50 years ago. Geez, that makes me sound so old :(

    mdavis, my husband will be staying home for this one as well. In a way I am excited to see how I will manage on my own but I am sure I will be missing him as well.

  • Hi, Marianne - you are not the only one confused about the discussion group format. I think I have figured out how to get to the one for the September trip. Go to your Upcoming Trips page and click on Trip Discussion (Meet Others in Your Group) to see and correspond with September 12 participants. No one has posted there yet, but we all seem to be listed. I’ll post something later today or tomorrow!
  • Hi, I am Marilyn (mdavis : ) I studied French in High School (yes a long, long, long time ago for me too) and studied Japanese for awhile while I was teaching (didn't learn how to speak either one of them). My Spanish is totally on my own and I really need a teacher! Whatever I learn will be better than where I am now with it. Glad to know there will be at least one other person traveling alone. I couldn't find any post on our "discussion" link so I am still on this one.
  • How was your trip, Pam? We are going on the September 12 trip and are eager to hear about your experiences and wonder if you have any tips or suggestions regarding what to bring/leave home, do’s and don’ts while in Cuenca, etc. Hope you had a wonderful time! Carol
  • I am back now and wrote a long note to you guys with whatever random tips I could come up with. When i tried to submit it, the site wanted me to log in again and now I see my note is not available. Caromar1121440...my note was in response to yours to me. Please let me know if you get it. This site could use some improvement.
  • Hi Pam,

    Thanks for making that huge effort. So sorry the note ended up in cyberspace. A few of us on this thread are also on our specific program date thread, but the discussion board does not seem to be easy to use. I would love to hear about your experience in Ecuador as well.

    Have found the same thing many times with my notes disappearing--so frustrating. I have taken to typing on some kind of word document and then doing a copy and paste.

    Sometimes envious of the younger crowd who grew up with all this social media, but find it can take up a lot of time. . . on the other hand the Internet has made it so much easier to find out information about EVERYTHING!

  • Sorry, Pam -- I did not get your note. Thank you so much for your effort. If you have time to try again, I think we would really appreciate hearing from you!
  • Okay, I'm trying again. Please let me know if you get this and, if so, I'll try and write something longer again.