Will there be alternative excursions as there are on current cruises? Some of the listed excursions would be difficult for many RS travelers;  Marseille, for example,  with many steep steps without handrails. I made it up the stone stairs at Meteora, but there were handrails. I could have made it  without the rails, but fell on stairs once and learned my lesson.

I also wonder about St Paul de Venice. It's such a beautiful and interesting village, I hope the excursion won't be limited to the chapel.

  • Hello lhwil, thanks for reaching out! Our apologies for the delay in responding to your inquiry. In regards to alternative excursions- there are two activity levels the choose from on every departure date. One level has less walking and fewer stairs, and one with a more active pace. As with all Road Scholar programs participants are allowed to opt out of certain activities if you feel they can’t keep up, but you would not get reimbursed for missed activities. While the field trip to St. Paul de Vence is focused on the chapel, it involves walking through the village as well. We hope to see you on this adventure! Best, Rachel