Life On Board

Q: What sort of onboard entertainment is offered?
A: There is a well-stocked library, a spa, salon, small pool, a full fitness studio and early morning yoga/stretch sessions. There are several comfortable lounges, and there is plenty of outdoor seating. We’ll also have regular Road Scholar lectures in the Ambassador Lounge.

Q: Is there a casino on board?
A: No, there is no casino.

Q: What is the currency on board the ship?
A: A cashless system is operated on board the ship, with all purchases charged to your cabin account for settlement at the end of the voyage. Passengers are required to register a credit card at reception shortly after embarkation. All charges are in U.S. dollars.

Q: Is there wireless Internet on board?
A: Yes, though it is a little spotty. The least expensive internet package costs $45. We recommend you use the wifi in cafes on land.

Q: What happens if a passenger gets sick while on the ship?
A: There is a medical center staffed by a doctor and licensed nurse and equipped with basic medications and equipment. Charges apply for consultations, prescriptions and cabin visits. In the event of serious illness or accident, passengers may have to be taken ashore for medical treatment.