My mom is interested in going on this trip.  She has done river cruises such as the Rhine River in Europe and has been OK but she has gotten sea sick on Ocean Voyages.  How rough are the seas?  What would be the calmest time of year for someone who is motion sensative?

  • Hello, thank you for your inquiry. The Aegean Sea is known for some of the calmest waters in the Mediterranean, and we have rarely had participants complain about motion sickness during our Road Scholar programs. As a general rule, motion is felt much less in larger ships than smaller ones – so we would highly recommend that your mother choose a program to Greece onboard the Odyssey (such as this one) over one of our small ship programs. In regards to the weather conditions, storms and rougher seas are more common during the Fall than the Spring, which is why an April departure is probably better than the September or October departures of this program. We hope to see you and your mother on this program soon! Best, Rachel