Choose Your Pace... how does it work?

I have looked at the itineraries and activities for this trip. I am curious if the "choose your pace" is an option I determine prior to sailing or can I make that choice on a daily basis in port depending on the physical activity required for that day or even my general sense of how tired I may be from the previous day's activities?

Also there seems to be no difference noted in the itinerary for the lower pace option. How is that different than what is currently published?

  • Most RS trips allow you to bow out if you so decide.  Letting your group leader know when you will not be attending and when you will meet back up with the group.

    September 29 - October 10 indicates in the details 

    NOTE: The “Less Active” group will not go inside the harem apartments.

    NOTE: The “Less Active” group will not visit the Terrace Houses.

    NOTE: The “Less Active" group will not climb to the Acropolis and will see it from the motorcoach followed by a slower paced visit to the museum.