About the Ship

Q: How many passengers can the ship accommodate?
A: The ship can accommodate 350 passengers.

Q: How big is the ship?
A: The ship is 461 feet long.

Q: How many cabins does the ship have?
A: It has 216 cabins.

Q: How old is the ship?
A: It was originally built in 1973 and completely refurbished in 2010.

Q: How many crew are there?
A: There are 180 crew on board.

Q: Does it have stabilizers?
A: Yes, it has two stabilizers, the desired number for a ship its size.

Q: How many decks does it have?
A: The ship has eight total decks, with seven decks for passengers.

Q: Why did we choose this ship?
A: We love the ship’s size and level of comfort. It’s perfect for reaching those hard-to-reach ports. We chartered the Aegean Odyssey in the past, and our participants had rave reviews for the ship.

Q: How are these programs different from other Adventures Afloat programs?
A: Given the unique nature of these voyages, we are able to create an environment and an experience specifically suited to meet the needs and interests of our participants. For example, we have planned the schedule so participants can embark directly from the airport, instead of having to stay a night in a hotel in most places. We are also able to offer two different activity levels to accommodate people of different physical abilities.

Q: What size are the groups?
A: On land excursions, groups are no larger than 35 participants.

Q: Does the ship dock or tender?
A: Depending on the port of call, the ship may dock right in port or we will anchor outside the port and transport passengers ashore via tender.

Q: Is there an elevator between decks?
A: Yes, there is an elevator.

Q: How many decks are there?
A: The ship has eight decks, seven of which are accessible to passengers.

Q: What country is the ship registered in?
A: It flies the Panamanian flag.