Q: Do I need a visa for this program?
A: Yes, since your arrival or departure location (depending on departure date) is in Turkey, a visa is required. You can find more information on

Q: How do I secure a visa?
A: The easiest way to secure a visa for this program is to apply online at, since there is no need to mail in your passport. Currently, the cost of this visa is $20 for U.S. citizens, but price is subject to change. While the online process is the easiest and most economical, you can also use Passports Visas Express or a similar provider; however, you will most likely be subject to a processing fee, and will most likely have to submit your passport for processing. You can find more information on this process at

Q: What if I am not an U.S. citizen?
A: You can see the full list of country requirement in the FAQ section at If you are not eligible for an e-visa, you should contact your consulate to find out what the requirements are.

Q: Do I have time to acquire a visa upon arrival in Turkey?
A: No, the time needed to secure a visa onsite is not built into the itinerary. You should secure your visa/e-visa in prior to the start of the program.