What is the best clothing to bring?  Is there any time we should bring dressy clothes?

  • Hello, thanks for your inquiry. Practical, casual, and comfortable are the main principles for packing. Dressing in layers is recommended. Bring wind/waterproof outer layers and remember wool, silk, and synthetic fibers retain heat better than cotton when wet. There is no dress code aboard the ship, practical informal clothing is the standard. Some people may prefer to dress up for dinners and special occasions but this is not compulsory! We hope you have a wonderful time on your program! Best, Rachel
  • What about footwear? Are hiking boots recommended? On board ship do the decks get wet & slippery? Are waterproof boots such as Gore-Tex the best? Thank you!
  • Hello, thank you for reaching out! You should be prepared for a wide range of weather conditions. A pair of solid shoes is most appropriate for time aboard the ship, and hiking boots are recommended for field trips ashore. We hope you have an enjoyable time on this adventure! Best, Rachel