B Bar Ranch Program restrictions

If we sign up for this program, would it be possible to NOT to participate in any given day's activities if we decide to get in the car and explore other areas in Montana? Thank you. 

  • Unfortunately the RS staff don't seem to monitor this forum any more so if you want an official answer I'd call.

    Based on my experience with RS programs you can definitely opt out of any part of the program you like.  The only time it's difficult is if you are on a bus tour and it's a transit day from one location to another.  Since you are fixed at the same lodging for all nights I'd say no problem.  It's YOUR program!

    I hope you can add some time on to this program so you can spend a few more days in Yellowstone.  The 2 days they give it just will give a very surface view of the park.  I usually go on my own every year and stay 2 weeks, lol.  I realize not everyone has that kind of time or interest but there is way more to see than you can see in 2 days from a base of Emigrant (adds drive time).

    Will you have your own car or will you be renting in Bozeman or Billings?


  • Agree with Pam.  Ensure you let your group leader know you will be going rogue and they have your contact information.  

    If possible let them know your ETA re return to group and that you also have the hotel and group leader information.

  • I would be interested in finding a shared ride with participants of 7/24 tour week. To and from Bozeman Airport. I haven’t booked my flights yet, so I could arrive at a convenient time from the Atlanta airport. Also planning to pay my portion of the ride. Lee