renting equipment

I would be flying in. I would probably bring my sleeping pad, but it would be easiest to rent the tent and maybe the sleeping bag. What is the cost of that?

Thank you,


  • Hello Liz, thank you for your inquiry. Camping equipment is available for rent to those who do not own (or do not wish to transport) this gear. High quality, two-person backpacking style tents are available for a $40 per tent rental fee. Sleep kits (15 degree rated synthetic sleeping bag, cotton bag liner, self-inflating sleep pad, and ground cloth) are also available, for $40 per person. Supplies are limited, so please place your rental gear reservation request - a minimum of 10 days in advance - by calling the O.R.E. office at 1-800-827-1358. Rental fees are payable by check or by credit or debit card.
    We hope you have an enjoyable time on your upcoming adventure! Best, Rachel