Air Travel Guidance?

Is there any guidance on when you should may Air Reservations? We are enrolled in the 7/31 - 8/6 program.

  • Since no one from the RS Staff has responded, I will.  I'm not on your program but I'd probably go ahead and book if it's a price you can live with. You start and end in Kalispell and there are limited flights in/out of there.  Likely prices will only go up from here as Glacier is expecting another very busy summer.

    I encourage you to book directly with your airline of choice, then continue to watch your flights as many are experiencing changes in their flight schedules.  I'd recommend checking every other week, at least, to make sure everything is OK.  If you book directly with the airline if there are issues it's much easier to handle it directly with their reservation agents.

    Have a wonderful time in Glacier!


  • Road Scholar recommends you wait for your final confirmation to book airfare on the offchance a program is canceled. 

    I take a chance and book my airfare in advance to take advantage of deals being offered.  Currently airlines are less punative when making changes or redepositing miles.

    Road Scholar does NOT refund any independently purchased airfare, beit domestic or international, when Road Scholar cancels a program. Only Road Scholar purchased airfare as part of an International program is refundable.  Domestic Travel is not available for purchase via Road Scholar travel agency, therefore all domestic airfare is never refundable.

    Read the fine print is best on the RS cancellation policy and the optional insurance details before making your decision.