Travel to Jackson, WY

I’m hoping, hoping, hoping that it will be safe to travel and fly by the time this program happens.

I was registered for another RS June program, but transferred to the grand Teton Yellowstone program. I had already made flight reservations on Delta for June, but will have to get credit to apply to future travel. I periodically check Delta for what flights they’re actually completing, and as of now, the Nashville to Salt Lake City to Jackson just don’t work, especially SLC to JAC.

I checked the driving time from SLC to Jackson, and it’s only 4.75 hours, so, I’m thinking that renting a car for the week would work. That length drive is easy to me as I used to drive many hundreds of miles to art fairs around the country and leisure  travel when we had an RV.

Can you tell that I really want to get to go to this program? Anyway, if it comes to driving from Salt Lake City, and anyone else is flying in, perhaps we can share the rental.


  • The drive from SLC will be closer to 5 hours wheels turning.  The online mapping programs are not terribly accurate for drive times in the West once you get off the Interstates. Add time for stops for comfort, scenery, food etc.  Over on the Trip Advisor forum for Wyoming one of the Destination Experts for SLC has a route posted that takes her 4.75 from downtown SLC/Temple Square area if they encounter no traffic. I trust her completely but suspect it would be difficult for a first timer to manage that drive in the same amount of time.  I’m happy to give you that route if you like.

    You will also want to arrive at your destination before dark. There are a lot of big critters on the road at night and you can’t see them until you are on them. Wyoming is also an “open range” state so cattle don’t have to be fenced. If you hit one you are responsible for paying the rancher.

    Are you registered for the July 5 program?  

    At this point both Yellowstone and Grand Tetons are completely closed. The Superintendents for both parks are working with local Health officials to come up with opening dates. Both Wyoming and Montana (and Idaho) are discouraging visitors and both have a 14 day quarantine in place for those who arriving from out of state.  Both states have rural health systems that they don’t want overwhelmed with patients.

    I visit Yellowstone every year, sometimes twice!  Yesterday, which was the 3rd Friday of April, is the traditional opening day for Yellowstone when the West entrance and access from the North/Mammoth Hot Springs open to the interior of the park. I’ve been a number of times on opening weekend and in fact would be sitting in the Upper Geyser Basin right now waiting for a predictable geyser to go, lol!!

    I hope you get to go this year. If not do plan on it for 2021!

    You can tell I love to talk about Yellowstone. I’m happy to answer any questions about weather, clothing, etc.