Hi.  I’m interested in this trip and want to know if hiking at the elevations has been an issue for anyone.  Have had issues with elevation in Utah.  Thank you.  

  • I'm not on this program but I am a regular visitor to Yellowstone.  I go at least yearly and often twice or three times a year.  I live at around 2,800' and generally stay my first nights in Gardiner at the North entrance (5,200') or Mammoth (6,700') or the Tower Junction area (6,200').  Sometimes I have mild symptoms (headache, spacey feeling) and sometimes I have none.  Fitness level does not matter as sometimes I'm in better shape than other times but having symptoms for me is random.

    One year I took my brother and SIL with me.  Brother was a forester so used to hiking all day in the Idaho Mountains at up to 5,000'.  SIL and I were not in very good shape that year.  HE had symptoms (headache, nausea) but SIL and I were fine.

    I'm not sure what helped you in Utah, but do try to stay hydrated, stay off alcohol for a few days.  Talk with your health care provider to see if they think you might be helped by taking ibuprofen ahead of or during your visit.

    If you have extra time available, I'd stay extra days, rent a car and spend more time in Yellowstone.  I go solo most of the time and it's fabulous.  This particular program doesn't spend much time in that park BUT you'll have a fabulous time either way!

    Let me know if you have any questions about the area.  Always expect a variety of conditions. I'd have a waterproof outer layer, a warm down or fleece vest or jacket, light gloves, sun hat, sun shirt, long pants and a pr of capris.