Are the rooms dormitory style or private?  Do they have a private bathroom?

  • I've not stayed at the lodging in Jackson.  Looking at Teton Science School it's not evident on their site but on the Road Scholar site it says:

    "Residential lodges are dormitory-style, clean, and basic. Each room has enough beds to sleep four or five people, including bunk beds in the rooms, though top bunks are only used for youth. Rooms contain a reading lamp, small table and chair, and private bathroom."

    So looks like yes to dorm style with private bath.  Unknown how many people Road Scholar will be lodging in each room.

    I have stayed in lodging at both Mammoth Hot Springs and Canyon Village in Yellowstone. Both of those would be regular hotel-type rooms with a private bath. 

    Although Mammoth Hotel has some rooms with shared bath facilities I doubt RS has booked them.  There are also cabins at this location which I usually get but I suspect the tours will be in the historic Mammoth hotel building which was fully renovated in 2019.

    Any day spent in Yellowstone is a good day, lol!  I go several times a year - leaving a week from tomorrow for a couple of weeks in Yellowstone and a few days in the Tetons!  I'm happy to answer any questions about the area or to talk about weather/clothing/etc.