Accommodations at the Ranch at DV

We are signed up for Death Valley trip Jan 20 - 26, 019.  I am concerned about the accommodations at the Ranch.  From what I read at the hotel's web site and on Trip Advisor reviews, the Ranch is undergoing extensive renovations.  Although now scheduled to be completed sometime this fall, it sounds as though they are far from being done.  In the meanwhile, the only place to eat is in a hanger type building with limited food choices, served on paper/plastic plates.  i don't mind simple accommodations, but this may be a bit too much.  Does anyone have any more information?  

  • I was there last December and honestly found the accommodations quite bad and yes, the Ranch renovation was in full bloom with nowhere to eat except the metal hangar. None of the scheduled dinners took place as planned and we were bussed for hours to get to decent eateries.... Fortunately, Death Valley as a formidable attraction cannot be beat, and that was a consolation.
  • Hello Ellie, thanks for reaching out about the accommodations at the Ranch. We wanted to let you know that the completion date for all the renovations is October 25, 2018. We hope you have an enjoyable time on your adventure!
    Best, Rachel
  • I will believe it when it happens. Earlier in the year, the web site said that the renovations would be completed in the spring of 2018. And recent Trip Advisor Reviews suggest that the renovations are far from complete. We may decide to try out the "Cancel for Any Reason" insurance if the situation isn't changed by late November. Has RS asked the provider to get more current information from the Oasis? When I call, I simply get Xantera and they seem oblivious to any renovations -- they simply take reservations.
  • Hi Ellie, the information we provided you last month was from the provider directly. We hope you enjoy your adventure in January. Best, Rachel