Senior solo traveler

I am 72 and a solo traveler and will be taking trip #2 next week to Philadelphia and then trip #3 in June to Purdue University. If there are any of you who are solo travelers or contemplating solo travel and live in the Chicago area  or North suburbs and would like to chat please reply.

  • I’m 71 and went on 4 RS trips, solo, last year, two were domestic and the other were to Peru and Cuba. Three this year, back to Cuba, to Antarctica and to Costa Rica. I was a recent widow as of August 2017. I already have 5 trips planned, Solo, in 2020. I enjoy the company of others but need the quiet comfort of my own room at night. Only one trip wasn’t good, not bad, but not good. I feel at ease since I don’t have to plan anything except getting to the airport.