Just released a Single Supp. for Art History/Belg/Holland

I wasn't sure where to put this so chose the Solo Travel forum.  I just changed my mind on a program, so released a Single Supplement for the Art History of Belgium and Holland tour date of Sept 20 2019. 

This program seems to have a dearth of single supplements, in fact I signed up last summer for next fall just to get one.  Meanwhile I did a Rick Steves tour in April and decided that I didn't need to go deeper into the Art History of the area so changed to a different program for this Fall.

There may, of course, be a waiting list but thought I'd put it out there for anyone who is interested.


  • I took that trip many years ago and it was just fabulous. That has to be the best of the ten trips I have taken with RS. I hope someone will snatch up the single you have made available.
  • In reply to zen021519:

    I'm surprised that a single is still showing as available for my date. When I tried to sign up for a date last year the office indicated there was a wait list of 4 people and that the provider couldn't/wouldn't change some of the doubles to singles.

    I figured there would be a wait list on this one as well or that someone would snap the single right up!

    I just did a tour with another company in April of Ghent, Bruges, Delft and Amsterdam and decided I didn't need a deeper dive into the art history. Spent quite a bit of time on my own at the Ghent museum where the restorers are working on the Van Eyck Altarpiece - wow, how amazing.

    Glad to hear you enjoyed it! I might look at it again in a couple of years.