eating alone

On my most recent solo trip I often wanted to eat breakfast alone.  I'm usually a sociable person, but my morning routine at home is very quiet and I like having time to space out or read.  It certainly can be seen as anti-social.  People generally joined me, and honestly they were delightful.  But I miss that quiet time. 

  • I don't mind either way but I've found whether people join you or not often depends on how the breakfast rooms is set up.

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    On my most recent trip (Cornwall), our dining room was set up with two large tables for the RS group -- for all of our meals at the hotel. I liked that setup in that it avoided that junior high cafeteria dynamic at meals of approaching a table and asking if you can join them. Not optimal for people who prefer to breakfast alone, but good for solo travelers who want to mix it up.
    Happy to report that on this trip some of our married couples did not insist on always sitting next to each other.
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    Laughing...GerryL, THAT was one of the situations I was thinking about! I loved that Cornwall program and liked how we (mostly) kept our same 2 large tables at the end of the room. You are right - it led to everyone just sitting together and filling in next to one another. It would NOT be good if you don't enjoy company in the AM, though.