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I am 68 year old female who travels on RS trips solo---because my husband has not yet retired---and I would like to know if there is anywhere on this site that solo travelers post a little bit about themselves and what trips they are contemplating so that other solo travelers might get to know others and perhaps plan trips together.  I have seen this on discussion boards on Rick Steves travel website, but have not found anything similar on this site.  I love to travel, and will travel solo by necessity, but would much prefer to meet others and travel with someone I know a little about.  I have limited funds and cannot usually afford to pay the single supplement to stay in a room by myself.

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    Im so happy you are well! Even after all you’ve been through! We can see (in a great distance) the smoke coming from that area. The San Gaberial Mts make it hard though. Thank youfor the Egyptian Odyssey info! Wow, climing up & down metal stairs, It must have been a ladder? Did you cruise on the Omar El Khayam or the Jaz MS Minerva? They are someof the best boats on the Nile. But are they showing wear & tear?
    You are Tuff One! So glad your staying safe from the fires and thoes stupid people!
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    I’m very interested in those cultures as well! At 17 yr’s old I wrote my final history report on the Maya, that was 1976! The trip your going on sounds wonderful. I’ve gone to Cancun 5 times to learn & see all the great things this culture built. Chichen Itza was like seeing the pyrminds in Egypt. It was so hard to chose a RS trip between Mesoamerica and Egypt for travel in Jan. 2019. I figured if I didn’t go to Egypt now at 60 yr’s old I’d never go. Its so much easier to travel in th America's than the African continents.
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    Hi m.wells! Your trip sounded great, I going in late Jan 2019. I cant wait! How are the boats for the trips? Im getting the Omar El Khayam and MS Minerva. I know these boats are a few of the very best on the Nile, but are they showing any wear and tear?
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    We were on both. One on Lake Nasser and one on the Nile. They are both fine boats. There are no docks on Lake Nasser so we had to make the best of the situation. Don't worry about it. We all did it. I hope your group is as nice as ours.
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    Thank you (is it Sandy? Im Teresa) I’m sure the group will be great! I’ve researched all hotels ans ships. I found reviews that are mostly wonderful for all of them. Just one or two complaining about the Omar Kyamam & MS Minerva being a little thread bare. But their is always someone who has to complain about something, even just a little bit. I was just terribly excited and curious. Did you fly from CA and did they include your flight? I know it’s advertised as airfare included. It’s a very good deal for what you get and the quality of ships & hotels. It’s the best Ive evrer come across. Did the Cairo Airport have the electronics band during your trip? People where talking about losing their tablets & cells from it, do you remember by chance? Happy Travels! Teresa
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    I flew from LAX to JFK to Istanbul to Cairo. I chose to stay overnight near JFK both ways to give myself a break. I paid for my tickets from LAX to JFK and return but everything else was included. I thought the price was a terrific deal for what we got. At the end of the trip Michael told us that his next tour group with a different company was not as involved as ours and was more expensive. You can get cash from ATM machines at the hotel in Giza. I did with help from a RoadScholar rep. and in Luxor. Have a great trip. Sandi
  • This is my first RS trip: I went to my account, brought up my trip, and found a discussion board on that page. I posted a note but no one has responded. I am wondering if the tour group is not familiar with using the web site, as I am disappointed that there is no response from any of the folks in my upcoming tour...
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    It's not just your trip. I have an upcoming RS cruise and I like going on the discussion board to see how many people are going but there's no discussion going on. It would be nice if that feature was used more but I'm not optimistic.
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    Likewise. RS travelers don't seem to be very interested in responding to requests such as "Who else is on this trip..?" or
    "looking to chat with others on this trip..." or any response whatsoever. Disappointing .
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    I too live in the Bay Area on the peninsula. I just reviewed your post, and here it is a year later. My husband has lost interest in travel and does it vicariously by watching TV all day. We don’t travel well together any more. I’m 76 and he’s a healthy 81 so go figure. I’m content traveling alone so I don’t have to entertain him or worry about any complaints. I’m pretty healthy for the most part and frankly, I’m happy to go it alone lol
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    Yes, it's too bad they stopped doing this.
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    I have just signed up for that same trip only a year later. How did it go? So many questions...would you write me back? This will be my fourth RS trip. One was to Costa Rica with my granddaughter. Awesome! bensenranch@gmail.com
  • I'm in the same spot as you. Semiretired attorney ;divorced Just about all of my friends don't seem to have the time or finances to travel. I've never traveled by myself and a bit apprehensive. As someone told me life is short and enjoy while you can. Interested in meeting others contemplating solo traveling.
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    I've done 6 RS trips, all of them solo. On two I had the random assigned roommate, one of whom was wonderful, one was an unhappy person. Only on one of the trips was there a solo male traveler, he was a self-aggrandizing fellow who alienated everyone within 24 hours. I tend to choose very active trips , like bicycling or hiking, and I have met wonderful people who include me at the dinner table. The last trip I took, almost everyone knew each other from previous trips, so I felt pretty left out. Now that I have the money and time to travel, I decided not to stay home and wish had a travel companion, but just go. I'm always nervous to begin with, but I just go for it, hoping I'll find friends. On the New Zealand trip, I did find friends who have visited me and I hope to visit them.
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    Hi, cflatley g Itoo am always nervous before a trip, wondering what the people will be like, will I be asked to go with
    others to a restaurant, will I always be eating alone? So far, all 3 RS trips I've been on, all those worries evaporated
    with the first introductory gathering.

    So this coming trip I'll be taking to Portugal, I'm no longer gonna let any of that get to me. I just know everything
    will be fine because the typical RS traveler is: Interesting, loves travel, likes interacting with others and, nearly
    always, is the complete opposite of boring.